SHAKA SURF SCHOOL is us, Fab and Debby, two lovers of the sea and nature, two dedicated surfers with the same desire to share and pass on our passion! Our story begins under a coconut tree at the edge of the waves … in Guadeloupe. Life brings us together and the duo was born. Head full of dreams and travel, we decided to go surfing also discover these distant and exotic countries. From Costa Rica to Nicaragua, Indonesia to Australia, Peru to Ecuador always coming back to the roots in Guadeloupe (FWI) and les Landes (France). Surfing perfect waves, make beautiful meetings, live and share our passion … SHAKA SURF SCHOOL is born! Want to know more? This is our little story both in a few words…



Surfeur, moniteur/entraîneur Brevet d’Etat 2ème degré de surf

Guadeloupian at a young age, Fabien touched for the first time a surfboard in Lacanau at 12 years old. Completely hooked by surfing, then he made ​​his debut on the beach of Bananier, Guadeloupe. Surfing becomes for him more than a passion, a way of life! He starts to compete at a regional and national level, and also participates in several international events.
In 2003 he became instructor to share and pass on his love of surfing and its culture. Co-founder of Poyo Surf Club, contest organizer, judge and head judge, he gets deeply involved and breathes his passion for surfing to new generations. Dividing his time between Guadeloupe and south-western France for competitions and work, it is natural that Fabien gets further training to broaden his skills and become a professional coach.
Surfer at heart, he then goes on surf adventures to discover new waves. Throughout his trips, the need to share the surfing spirit re-emerges. Energetic, always motivated and skilled, Fabien will be happy to provide you with knowledge to help you get a maximum of every moment of riding.

Monitrice de surf et de plongée sous-marine

Adopted Guadeloupian, Debby settled down on the Island for the first time at 14.Ocean and dive lover, she swims through the Guadeloupian archipelago reefs, underwater cracks and islets. True fish in the water, she also practices regularly bodyboard for fun. The ocean is her favorite playground and the water her lifeblood! Over time and meetings, Debby tries surfing and begins a new story … Traveler at heart, she travels the globe in order to discover new horizons and enjoy every moment in the water as at its surface! In 2011, she passed her PADI dive instructor in Bali (Indonesia) where she works and also breaks in the waves! Dive in the morning, surf in the afternoon … not so bad after all!
After several years of strong surf and experience, Deborah decided to combine his two favorite things and live of her passions.
Freshly holder of international certificate ISA surf instructor (Level 1), enthusiastic, always cheerful and friendly, Debby is eager to provide you with her love for the ocean, gliding and the Aloha spirit!


SHAKA SURF SCHOOL has implemented a quality charter which sets target goals of safety, quality of its services and its teaching for the complete satisfaction of the customers. The team from the surf school Guadeloupe is at your disposal to build a relationship of trust and sharing with you.

First time / beginner course
A discovery session to introduce you to the joys of surfing! You will take your first waves and you will taste a unique feeling, an intense and natural experience! Surfing is an exciting sport and is open to all! How’s it going? Playful and challenging, you’ll learn the safety rules related to surfing, how to glide with balance and control, take a direction and drive your board on small waves. Once you master these basic principles, your instructor will take you in the real surf and you could not stop anymore!! You want to play? We’ll get ya !!

Advance course
The advance surfers will perfect their technique, marine and surfing knowledge and challenge themselves by learning new maneuvers. You’ll progress quickly thanks to Fab’s tricks and tips, your certified and experienced surf coach.

Training course
The committed surfers, willing to progress and perform will enjoy further training sessions. Accompanied by a licensed coach and receiving video tool, you can view, analyze and work specifically your qualities and defects. Physical aspects (cardio, strengthening, stretching) will be considered and worked as exercises during the sessions and adapted to each.

Homogeneous groups of 8 people (maximum) are formed according to age and level of practitioners to provide quality sessions from the instructor. Similarly, if you want to surf with your family, no problem, we can provide a niche for this purpose.


  • taking into account the different types of public and requests: beginner, development, training
  • surf spot selection adapted to the level of customers and sea conditions
  • individualized feedbacks and display offered by the instructor
  • learning autonomy in the ocean: knowledge of the sea, bodysurf…
  • environmental awareness, protection and sustainability


  • equipment (boards, leash…) suitable and in good condition
  • compliance with safety rules
  • information on priority rules and conviviality in surf practice
  • Information sur les règles de priorité et convivialité dans la pratique du Surf
  • lesson immediately stopped during lightning storms and dangerous surf conditions
Fab, your instructor, is certified and qualified. He holds a surf-coaching and an updated lifesaving state certificate. He always brings his security bag containing the necessary first aid equipment, a pair of flippers and a mobile phone.